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Italian Style, International approach.

Catering to the needs of the hospitality industry, we design and produce an extensive range of items from fragrances to uniforms for restaurants, hotels and more.

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Italtrim Hospitality Supplies

Italtrim was founded in New York City in 1996 and moved to Hong Kong in 2001. It conceives, designs and produces luxury packaging and fashion accessories. Italtrim ( also has a division specialized in premium gifts. The company has then developed the hospitality supplies division in the last few years with great success.


TerraMater is a brand owned by Italtrim's Hospitality Supplies Division. What started as a sample line to showcase our best products, quickly became a brand of its own. Our unequalled attention to details and quality of goods makes us one of the best luxury hospitality suppliers in the industry. Any products made with TerraMater branding can also be customized and branded for your hotel, restaurant or resort.

Friulian canvas slippers

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Plastic-free Courtesy Line

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Courtesy Line

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Women’s care products

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Bathroom Products for kids

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Introducing, our Plastic, sodium & Sulfate free Courtesy Line

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